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F-ing Diabolical

Alice Gregory

The Boys
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Basic Information

    Alice Gregory
  • Playby
    Lena Headey
  • Aliases
  • Supe Level
  • About

    Alice is a hard core tomboy from the inside out. She's a leather jacket toting ball of energy and rage. An adrenaline junkie that likes the thrill of a good fight, fuck or adventure.

    She's not a girlie girl by any means but when she needs to she cleans up nicely. She has a mouth that gets her into trouble along with a roller coaster of emotions that tend to confuse people, which makes her a bit of a hot head. She's loyal to a fault in which she will go out of her way to save someone that she cares about.

  • Powers

    When on Compound X:

    • Mostly invulnerable skin
    • Strength
    • Healing factor
    • Night vision
  • Possible Plots

    • Going on Boys Missions
    • Stake outs watching and keeping track of supes
    • Bar drinks (and fights)
    • Monster movie talk
    • One night stands (though I prefer not to play out the actual sex the build up and the after are what I'm more interested in here)

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