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F-ing Diabolical

Tonka Redford

Licensed Supe
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Basic Information

    Tonka Redford
  • Playby
    Chloe Grace Moretz
  • Aliases
  • Supe Level
    Normal Supe
  • About

    Tonka is an accidental supe. She was injected with Compound V because a nurse accidentally switched her name plate as a child while she was in the hospital. It wasn't until she was about six years old that her parents figured it out and only because she shocked her eldest brother unconscious when she was upset.

    Growing up in the household where she was the only super was an awkward experience, especially since it was something that her parents urged for her to keep a secret. Even now, with supes everywhere and people getting supernatural abilities she tends to keep the secret close to her heart as she is ingrained with the desire to just be like everyone else, though, that's hard when everything feels like its screaming at you.


  • Powers

    Tonka is a technopath and has electrokenisis

    As a Technopath Tonka is able to connect with and interface with electronic devices within her immediate vicinity (Approximately 50-100 feet). The device must have a charge for her to be able to interface with it, off devices cannot be interfaced with.

    Electrokenisis is the ability to pull use electricity both defensively and offensively. As it stands since she hasn't used it a lot she has to have a high energy source near her to pull the power from but she will drain it. Low energy batteries can be used to fry small devices or shock someone she's touching.

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