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F-ing Diabolical

Eliza Hays

Licensed Supe
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About Eliza Hays

  • Britannia

Basic Information

    Eliza Hays
  • Playby
    Emily Blunt
  • Aliases
  • Supe Level
    Extra Supe
  • Affiliation
  • Affiliation

  • Powers

    1. Enhanced durability
    2. Enhanced strength
    3. Regenerative healing factor
    4. Electrokinesis
    5. Flight
    6. "Shield of Victory" (Shield that can be summoned and thrown with electrical manipulation. Can also be used to block heavy attacks.)
    7. Enhanced senses
    8. Enhanced reflexes

    NOTE: While Britannia's powers are potent, her "staying power" is currently extremely limited due to her time in cryogenic suspension and the damage caused by it. Her healing factor is working overtime to recover from it, leaving her easily exhausted.

  • Possible Plots

    1. Taking down the bad guys
    2. General social things
    3. Trying to figure out the 21st century
    4. Gathering intel on "supe terrorists"

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