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F-ing Diabolical

Magnhild Nordskov

Licensed Supe
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About Magnhild Nordskov

  • Licensed Supe

Basic Information

    Magnhild Nordskov
  • Playby
    Erika Linder
  • Aliases
    Mags, Wild Thing
  • Supe Level
    Extra Supe
  • Affiliation
    Vought: Super Pals
  • About

    Mags was once a member of an upper-mid supe team with Vought, but quickly became disillusioned with the idea of working on a team after learning the kind of things supe’s were getting up to. After an altercation with the leader of their team, Mags was transferred to help lead a much lower-priority team that really functioned as more of a support group for teenage supes at the appearance and basic levels who didn’t quite “make the cut” powers wise or just plain weren’t “marketable enough” to be in any of the more active teams, only sent on missions that were simple and had low stakes.


    However, what was clearly intended to be a punishment proved to backfire when Mags’ new team began to grow on them. Now, Mags just wants to do what they can to help keep the others on their team as far away from the narcissism, psychopathy, and general toxicity that pervades most Vought supe teams. At the moment, Mags is aware of The Boys, and is sympathetic to their cause, given their past experiences with Vought, but is hesitant to seek them out for fear of Vought going after the rest of their team.

  • Affiliation

    Vought: Super Pals
  • Powers




    Healing factor

    Fear inducement through their voice (can be resisted through earplugs/noise canceling headphones)

    Partial/complete shape shifting to a hulking, monstrous form that further increases their abilities.

  • Possible Plots

    Getting recruited to The Boys and helping them behind the scenes

    Taking the team on a trip to Voughtland or Vought Tower for a meet and greet with a member of The Seven which could go well (if they meet Starlight) or potentially badly (if they meet Homelander)

    Also, I’m going to try and post a wanted ad for a few other people on the team sometime soon.

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