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F-ing Diabolical

Mordria Nemes

Unlicensed Supe
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Basic Information

    Mordria Nemes
  • Playby
    Christina Hendricks
  • Aliases
  • Supe Level
    Normal Supe
  • Powers

    • Botokenisis
      • The ability to make plants grow or die on a whim.
      • The ability to grow plants at an exponential rate.
      • Ability to process poisons and venom as if they were water.
      • Ability to change the genome of plants to improve them, make them more deadly, cuter more useful.
      • Ability to make things grow larger than intended.
    • Healing of others
      • Only possible with touch and extremely draining
      • She is unable to heal mortal wounds as she takes part of the wound onto herself and must heal it off as well. Mortal wounds would kill her.
    • The spots are a side effect of the compound V. They are only visual and start at her forehead and travel in a line down her body and ends at her feet.
  • Possible Plots

    • Flirting and or poking a grumpy person. Mordria is a happy person and a shameless flirt and doesn't mind making someone uncomfortable all in good fun.
    • She loves plants, growing them, looking at them. If you have someone with a black thumb that wants to try their hand at keeping a cactus alive then this is the girl to talk to.
    • If you get hurt she is a good friend to have or learn to have.

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