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F-ing Diabolical
  • Compound V & X

    Compound V

    What is Compound V?

    Compound V is basically superhero juice.

    What sort of affects does it have?

    • If injected as an infant a person will become a supe for the rest of their life.
    • If given Compound V as an adult it can provide an adult with normal super powers (normal level max) but more likely they will be an appearance or basic supe). It also has a high mortality rate in adults.
    • It amps up existing super powers on supes.

    How easy is it to get Compound V?

    Compound V is expensive as hell but obtainable. We recommend you go through your local Vought retailer.

    What sort of side effects are there when using Compound V?

    It really depends one what and how its being used.

    • If used on an infant it gives them super powers in a range of varieties.
    • If use on an adult and injected with it it normally results in death but can result in superhuman powers.
    • If used on a supe they get super pumped and their powers are more heightened. Additionally it has the potential to degenerate their body faster if they don't keep up with the bodies needs (like food, calcium etc).


    Compound X

    What is Compound X?

    Its a street level drug version of Compound V. It only lasts a few days and results vary however it makes normal people able to stand up to most supes without getting killed by being punched in the face.

    What sort of affects does it have?

    • Being injected into normal people gives temporarily super (stronger, faster and more agile with a possibility of other powers).

    If I am a Boy do I have to use Compound X?

    If you plan to go toe to toe with a supe, yes. Using Compound X is the only way you may not get your brain splattered against a wall.

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