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  2. Mags nodded as they followed Starlight into the adjacent room. They had little to no knowledge of the kind of surveillance system that Vought Tower had, but they had saw no reason to doubt Starlight’s judgement. It wasn’t long after they entered the room that the media-friendly demeanor faded away, leaving a supe with very little time to entertain nonsense. “That first question, you said being part of the Seven helped you be a better hero. Would you be willing to elaborate on that?” Their request was direct and concise. There was no point in wasting time if Mags picked up on a subtext that wasn’t actually there. “I don’t know if you read my file or anything, but if you were trying say what I think you were trying to say…you and I may have had similar experiences on supe teams.” It was a coin toss. Mags didn’t want to go into what happened too much if they didn’t have to. They decided to hold back until Starlight responded. @MATT
  3. "Seventy six years." She reached a slightly shaking hand into one of the pockets on her uniform, pulling out an old cigarette case, its contents seemingly just as well preserved as she was, and struck a match. The old supe's eyes continued to trace over the skyline as she took a long pull, trying to find anything familiar amongst the glass and steel monoliths that dotted the city beyond the park and finally responding to Starlight's question with a simple "Yes. Yes it has." Britannia nodded to Starlight's suggestion of talking more later, even putting on a small smile again for a moment. "That would probably be for the best. I imagine that I have missed a lot of history from down there. How time flies..." Another pocket reached into, this time her hand came out of it holding an old pocket watch of all things. She gently tossed it up and down in her hand a couple times, before tweaking the crown, twisting it three times left, and once right, muttering something about it being a shame about losing such a thing, before tossing it into the pit she had crawled out of just a few minutes ago. KRAK... fzzzz.... The hole in the ground glowed brilliant shades of red, gold, and orange! Sparks of molten metal and thick black smoke flying from its depths, the fireworks lasting all but a few minutes until they finally died down again, returning the park to silence once more. "Well, that seems to have worked. Can't be leaving any secrets behind for just anyone to stumble into now, can we?" TAG: @MATT @Morrigan
  4. Starlight had plenty experience in being diplomatic, especially here, where being Diplomatic could be essential to her very survival. She smiled broadly, as it appeared the question and answer and meet and greet was almost over. Even if she understood this was a contractual obligation, she did want to provide a memorable experience, and so far, everyone had behaved themselves pleasantly enough. She was already preparing to wave goodbye, as she noticed one of the others walking towards her. Tensing for a second, she raised an eyebrow as she heard him out. This could be either creepy or something altogether different. Still, it was not as if Starlight was not able to handle herself, so she allowed him to speak his piece, see what he had to say. “Sure, there’s another room just adjacent-“ It was a room close enough she could call for assistance if needed, but again she was quite capable of defending herself. As she walked in, she looked around for a second, before she turned her head to him. Hands on her hips, she had a somewhat serious expression on her face. “Well. You have a few minutes. Say what you came to say.” Indeed, she was giving some bit of her time here on what may very well turn out to be nothing.
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  6. It was definitely a more diplomatic answer. Mags could understand the need to maintain a degree of impartiality, especially in a team like the Seven. Supe teams were often mired with internal politics and favoritism from the leadership. Mags’ old team certainly was, and they had no reason to believe the Seven was any different. “Well, Starlight. On behalf of the team I’d like to say thank you very much for meeting with us.” Mags said to Starlight before turning over to face their team. “Sit tight, everyone. We’ll be leaving in just a little bit.” Mags had questions of their own for Starlight, ones they though were better asked away from the team. Walking over to Starlight, Mags leaned in and quietly asked, “Is there a place here we can talk? There’s actually something I’d like to ask you myself, if you have the time.” They said with a heavily implied “where no one else can listen in” in their tone. Mags hoped that Starlight would be able to answer a question that they had wondered since before they were transferred out of Detroit. @MATT
  7. It was surprisingly easy to go along with things like this…when potentially people were eavesdropping on her every word. Annie really hated how fake she had to be in public sometimes, but it was necessary to maintain the peace, fragile and false although it was. She nodded to the others as the assistant would ask if anyone had any other questions. That last one- she froze at it. She quickly ran through the options, as she kept her fake smile plastered. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the assistant’s raised eyes, no doubt writing down whatever she picked. Ah hell, this was going to be a disaster wasn’t it? “I like to think that the Seven work best as a cohesive team, that we play upon each other’s strengths to try to bring all of us up at the same time,” she said finally. It was a diplomatic, if safe answer, as she really didn’t want to risk anyone’s egos getting hurt. Well, not that she thought Maeve would care, but Deep and A-train…that might not ring so true, and she was sure that saying anything about Homelander right now was a very bad idea. At least, that was the vibe she got. Maybe it was better to be safe than sorry? She didn’t know, as she sighed. “I do believe that I am closest to Queen Maeve. Girls get it done, you know?” Ah hell, why not just sell the lie.
  8. Mags nodded along, a fairly standard answer for a question like that. It reminded them of when they were interviewing for their old team. They were happy with the way the meeting had been going so far. Sure, Starlight’s answers were probably more for Vought’s benefit than their team’s, but she was at least being professional about it. Mags was thankful it had been Starlight the team met, having heard rumors of why The Deep had been transferred to a different state. “Alright, any other questions for Starlight? I think we have time for one more.” Mags said, glancing back over at the team. They watched as another team member raised their hand and began asking a question. “Which of the Seven do you think you work with the best?” They asked. It was an innocent enough question about Starlight’s professional relationships with her teammates. Little did any of the Super Pals know, the team dynamics of the Seven were anything but simple. The question had piqued Mags’ interest as well. They had always been curious of what it was like to work as a part of the Seven. Given the wording of Starlight’s answer to the first question she was asked that day, Mags wondered whether or not her answer to this question would carry the same potential subtext. @MATT
  9. It was true that part of her speech was scripted, but so far Vought liked it that way. So long as it didn’t raise any fuss or eyebrows, the safe way was usually what they sprung for in these sorts of speeches. She smiled back at Mags and the others in a noncommittal, bland way, maybe such as the one reserved for celebrities when they met with the public. She sighed, holding herself back as she remembered that time…well, she had no choice but to lie. Vought handlers everywhere, as she turned back to face the others. No doubt there were other ears than just these in here listening. “Interviewing for the Seven is like interviewing for any job really…but on a bigger scale. These are the top heroes in the world, and you really have to show them that you’re up to the task.” She really was making this shit up as she went along, but she could sense the cameras eyes on her even now. Maybe that was enough to guarantee her safety. Maybe. She knew Homelander was still sort of ‘tight’ with Deep for now anyway. “The key to interviewing for the Seven, and for any hero team in general…build up your resume. Or your portfolio if you’re a solo hero. Get visibility by saving people, stopping bad guys, that sort of thing.” Rather generic advice maybe, but that would bail her out for now.
  10. Mags had never met Starlight. She had joined the Seven well after Mags had left mainstream supe life, and, even when they hadn’t, the two of them travelled in vastly different circles. So, it had been a little difficult for Mags to get a bead on what was genuine and what was for Vought. The first part of her answer was definitely for Vought’s benefit. They guessed it was probably written by the same guy who did Homelander’s “You’re the real heroes,” line. It was all part of the job. The second part of her answer did seem a bit…off script. Something about her wording when she said being part of a the team that “helps prepare” her to be a better hero, her tone too. Could she have read their file? Maybe their experiences haven’t been very different. “Well, this team definitely knows how being part of a team can make them better heroes…” Mags started, looking out at her team seeing the faces of people who were simply happy to be where they were before eventually returning to meet Starlight’s gaze. “myself included.” They nodded at Starlight in return. “Who else has a question for Starlight?” Mags asked their team. Another young supe eagerly raised a hand. “Can you tell us anything about what interviewing for the Seven was like?” Obviously a supe with hilariously big aspirations and a bit too unaware how unobtainable they were. Mags looked at Starlight with a somewhat worried look. They knew exactly how astronomical the odds were that anyone on their team would ever end up in the Seven, but they didn’t want any of them to be aware of it, not at their age at least. Mags didn’t want any of them to get their hopes up either. Mags’ hoped, if anything, their expression conveyed that to Starlight, a plea for her not to get the supe’s hopes up but not to crush their spirit either. A tall order, if there ever was one. @MATT
  11. Everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly, which was honestly the best thing that one could hope for when it came to one of these meet and greets. Starlight tried to put her best foot forward, as she would extend her hand out to shake. “I will try to answer as best as I can,” she said with a slight chuckle, her hand on her hips, as she considered the question. Well, that was not a loaded question at all for sure… But she still had her public image to maintain, as she answered. “What I love most about being in the Seven is to be out there inspiring people, through our example.” It was a safe, corporate friendly answer, given that some of the Vought people were in the room as well. Indeed, it was an okayish answer, but she hoped that they’d accept it. Overall, she thought maybe they could do with some expansion of that comment. “Having that team structure to support you is also very good, and what’s more important to me personally is how being in the Seven helps prepare you for being a better hero.” There…that was a backhanded compliment, but one she hoped the Vought people wouldn’t catch, as it only appeared complimentary on the surface. She nodded and smiled to Mags, wondering if they’d figure the tone.
  12. Mags watched Starlight as she entered the room and said what they could only assume was something someone at Vought had written for her to say for occasions like this. Having seen supes do press work on several occasions, Starlight seemed familiar in that it was definitely a bit forced. Then again, it was hard for Mags to hear anyone spout out obvious Vought rhetoric without it seeming insincere. Although, there was something different about her than most of the other supes they had seen. Maybe Starlight really was genuinely interested in meeting with the team. Mags would have to pay closer attention. Mags grinned as Starlight turned to face them. “It’s great to meet you too Starlight. We’re all honored.” They said equally committed to their team enjoying the day as much as they could. “I’m Wild Thing, team leader, and my team definitely has some questions for you.” They said looking out at their team. Mags looked at one of their team members and nodded. “Aside from fighting crime and saving people, what do you like most about being in the Seven?” One of the team members asked. It was a good question, and, while Mags had definitely heard rumors of what it was like with the Seven, but they had never really spoken with a member long enough to really ask a question like that and get a good answer. @MATT
  13. Starlight told herself that this was something that she could never get used to. The feeling of being in the spotlight, that she’d felt on her shoulder ever since she’d gotten involved with the Seven. But here she was, waiting for a meet and greet with another team. ‘Super Pals’… something like that. It seemed to her that there were new teams starting off every week, all Vought Sponsored in some way, she was sure. Nevertheless, she was happy to try to be there for the up and coming within the hero world. Hopefully she could set a good example for these who genuinely were trying to make a difference in the world with their powers. There were quite a few who genuinely didn’t…. Walking in the room, she smiled and waved to the assembled group, as she had been given a quick rundown of who everyone was before entering, by the vought employee. “Hello everyone, it’s good to meet you all. You’re the next generation of Supes, and you’re an inspiration to us all.” Yes, that was Vought inspired drivel, but she hoped that she was selling it with a sincere enough face. She did want to help these people, and probably she was the best one in the Seven to do so. Everyone else was well….in any event it was probably better it was her doing this then the Deep. She would do her best to at least ensure that everyone had a good experience, not that she felt that she was being ‘on display’ so to speak. But she did do her best to shake hands, take photos, and sign autographs, as she looked them over. “So, it’s really great to meet all of you. Especially the newer generations of Supes. I know you all must have questions about what it’s like- being in the Seven,” she said, as she faced Mags.
  14. Mags was glad this was the first time something like this had happened instead of when they first started with the Super Pals. To have even been seen by a member of The Seven while in close proximity to such a team, let alone being recognized as one of the team’s leaders, would have embarrassed them to no end. However, after becoming more attached to the team, Mags’ worries were quite the opposite. They looked around the room in Vought Tower where the group had been told to wait. Mags noted the stand that held the pull-down green screen for pictures with a few backdrop samples next to it and a table stocked with pens for autographs. It looked like it was more for private events where civilians could meet The Seven rather than a room that hosted actual meetings between licensed supes, not that anyone on the team other Mags and their co-leader were licensed. Mags looked at the rest of the team and saw a group of excited faces on people with suits that looked more like costumes. The group of them looked more like fans at a convention rather than supes, and, in truth, they were probably the closest someone could actually get to being a civilian while still having powers, and, like civilians, they had no idea what a lot of supes were like when the cameras were turned off. Mags wanted more than anything for things to stay that way. There had been a Vought employee at the door of the room, seemingly waiting for an update that Starlight was on her way. A telltale hand moving up to the employee’s earpiece and the employee walked out of the door. Mags looked over at their team. “Okay, don’t everyone swarm her at once. She’ll be here plenty of time to meet each of you.” They said standing up and waiting for Starlight to enter, hoping that Starlight wasn’t there kind of supe who had disappeared to far in her own ego or at least that they had caught her on a good day. @MATT
  15. Intro Vought: Super Pals is just like any other supe team in that it’s a group of supes who live and go on missions together, but that’s really where the similarities end. Most of the supes on this team have powers with little to no practical crime-fighting applications, and the “missions” they go on amount to little more than neighborhood patrols looking for cats to save from trees and litter to pick up or graffiti to clean and go home to their “HQ,” which is actually a remodeled group home in Staten Island, far enough to be away from all of the action that takes place in Manhattan or Brooklyn and just close enough to see it all happen. While the official reason teams like this exist is to help young supes who haven’t quite “figured out” how their powers can be useful, they really exist as a place where Vought can put supes on other teams when they misbehave. Co-Leader (25-27) This supe had been a co-leader of the Super Pals for a few years before Mags got there, starting as a co-leader herself before her former co-leader was transferred and replaced with Mags. She’s a basic level supe with emotion-based powers, reading, manipulating, even transferring the emotions of one person to another. Her old co-leader hand-picked her to help him with some of the neurodivergent members on the team. It didn’t take her long to get a sense for where those team members were at and build a rapport with them. Much like Mags, she also looks at the team as her younger siblings and wants them to stay unaware of the side of a lot of supes people don’t usually see in the media. This character is also meant to be a love interest for Mags with a fair bit of romantic tension between the two. I was thinking someone like Shannon Purser for the fc, but I am open to suggestion. Team members So, I don’t have any ideas for actual full characters when it comes to team members, but I have some general ideas that can be used if anyone wants to make a character. Character ideas: Supes who’ve been with the team a long time and still has a chip on their shoulder about being sent to the team. Supe who know why they’re there and are just happy to part of the team. Supes Vought doesn’t believe are easy to market (not conventionally attractive, neurodivergent, disabled, etc.) Suggested supe powers: Slime mimicry/generation Flexible skeleton/organs Anatomical liberation Stench generation Astral projection Intangibility Burrowing Gliding Holographic projection Flat body Garbage mimicry Spring form You can also do more conventional powers can be used but difficult to control or subverted in ways that make them less effective in crime fighting. For example, someone having super speed in terms of their physical ability but being mentally unable to perceive things clearly when traveling at high speeds. Don’t be afraid to get creative! PM me here or talk to me on Discord if you’re interested.
  16. Elizabeth shrugged as she looked up to him, still grinning. "Lets play twenty questions! You can ask me 20 questions, or as many questions as you like until I get bored, to try and figure it out," she raised her brow suggestively as she set her tongue on one of her canine teeth.
  17. "Who are you?" Homelander asked as he came into the room and started to stalk to the side as he stared at her. He was already agitated as she was sitting in his chair. The unfortunate part for him is she wasn't interested in him like Stormfront had been.
  18. Stormfront was dead and Homelander was out of control. That's why she was here. She had been on the fringes for a long time, told to stay there until she was told otherwise. While she didn't like it, she did as she was told because she knew eventually they would need her, especially with the brat that in charge, and well.... if she were honest she enjoyed watching the higher ups squirm because he was so powerful. So as she sat in his chair in the room for the Seven, she looked around, feet propped up on the table. When he showed up she smiled to him, that crocodile smile that most people found downright unnerving.
  19. The new supe seemed to react in a very nonplussed manner to Starlight’s reveal. For that matter, the blonde just watched Brittania carefully. Eyes narrowingly, she figured she could always ask the specifics later, but it wouldn’t escape her notice how carefully this woman was watching around her, how unfamiliar it obviously was to her. Little things like that, she seemed to pick up on… There… There it was. “It’s Two Thousand Twenty-Two…and yes you’re in New York. Just…maybe changed a bit since you’ve seen it last.?" At this point, her theory was essentially confirmed. This was a woman out of time. Interesting…not that she found any reason to be overtly concerned, but just to note this…she did feel that was something to keep in mind for the future. For a second there, she eyed the woman, just making sure of something. Then she made up her mind. “After we get this guy in custody, maybe we can you know…talk. I think there’s some stuff you might want to catch up on.” Indeed, now that the light was a bit better, she could see the battlefield clearer, including the ‘hatch’, if indeed that was what it was. Maybe she needed to be the one to give this woman a debrief.
  20. The old supe raised a brow, and simply gestured towards the still misty hole in the ground and dented in cryopod door. "New in town? Yes, I suppose you could say that." She said. "Although by the look of things, I may have actually been here for quite some time." She paused, looking around for a second, her eyes scanning over the skyline, tracing for landmarks. Almost everything about it looked almost alien to her. Strangely smooth buildings of seemingly made of nothing but impossibly strong glass glinting in the moonlight jutted up higher than the cloud layer. The noise too, the noise was all wrong, the noise and the smell. Then, her search turned to the billboard. That was just as confusing, it seemed to be an advertisement of sorts. Perhaps a movie poster? She looked at it for a bit, taking in the details. As "ID" went, it wasn't exactly convincing to her. In fact, it simply added more credence to the whole "performer" theory she had earlier. Still, it also furthered the burning question she had in her mind that she'd almost been too scared to ask. "Say, what year is it?" She finally asked, her tone wavering ever so slightly from the firm, businesslike 'stiff upper lippedness' it held before. "I am assuming by some of the buildings this is New York, no?" TAG: @MATT @Morrigan
  21. Now that they had given the man an ultimatum, Starlight knew that they couldn’t back down- it was going to make them look weak. “Five…four…” she began counting down, her hands glowing with each step as she heard the man cuss the both of them out. Indeed, she felt her patience rapidly running out… What was going on? Back when she’d joined the Seven she had been young and idealistic? How had it come to this? “Two…one-“ The light shown as she was shining the light directly in his face, amplifying it as much as she could. The nearby lamppost flickered as she was drawing power, yet she didn’t care. This was about sending a message, getting him to talk. Starlight believed that she wouldn’t go so far as to actually hurt him…that would be going ‘too far. Looking up at Brit, as she put her hands away, she sighed…hoping it worked. “You’re…new in town I take it?” She pointed up, above them was a billboard for the ‘Seven’ with Homelander front and center, and her near the edge of it. “Is that enough ID for you?” She wasn’t sure what this woman was getting at, although the tone of her voice sounded genuinely confused. Again she nodded, keeping the man up from falling via holding his shoulder. “Sure. I can get people over to detain him straightaway. You don’t have to worry…might want to stick around so we can take your statement too.” She didn’t think it would take that long anyways, although she figured that it was probably best they got this whole thing over with sooner rather than later in any event.
  22. "Awesome!I think there is a Vought coffee shop up the way," she indicated with her hand as she smiled. She turned in that direction as she slid her hands into her pockets and looked over to the woman. "I do have to know though, what was so interesting on your phone?" she asked the woman as they started to walk in that direction. Tonka was the sort to be tethered to her phone. It gave her a sense of everything around her but it certainly made her miss home sometimes. Being able to hear and see what people were watching and reading could get assaulting at times. @Dragon
  23. The comment about her government earned a quick bark of laughter before the man groaned. "You two are psycho bitches," he spat at Britannia though he closed his eyes before he saw if it actually landed on her face. "You may as well kill me because who I work for would rather I be dead than talk," he advised them. "And they'd make sure of it before you could get anything out of me," he said. His head lolled to the side as he thought about his son. This was for him, it was always for him even if he didn't know it. "Are you both going to prattle on or get this over with?" he muttered to them both as he looked up to Britannia, seething a little at how long this was taking. @MATT @Britannia
  24. Starlight's response got a raised brow and even a slight smile from the woman. Safe to say, she was not expecting the woman dressed as a 'circus performer' to have so hard an edge, but, it was definitely something she could work with. "Five seconds." Her tone was still just as harsh as it was before. "This is your last chance." She was just about to fire off a burst directed at his hand, more a warning shot really rather than anything designed to cause lasting damage, when Starlight spoke again, this time mentioning the "Seven". Britannia paused, frowning for a second, trying to put the pieces together. "The Seven? I can't say that I've heard of that particular name." Perhaps the performer attire was just a front? An infiltration technique perhaps? Just what had she stumbled in on here? "A branch of the police perhaps? Certainly a strange uniform for such a thing, I don't suppose you would have any identification to that effect if that's your profession?" She kept the pressure on, though, still holding back from doing anything actually harmful to the man, more doing so as just a reminder that she indeed hadn't forgotten about him. "If you have the resources to detain this individual and get the information we need, I'm sure my government will want to follow up with you on this matter so we can get it all settled." Tag @MATT @Morrigan
  25. Starlight looked at Brit...there was a certain hardness in her eyes. While not at that level, it was something she'd seen in the other supes around her, Homelander, Noir...even Maeve to some extent. "I'm not going anywhere," Starlight replied. After all, she might have been all new to whatever was going on here...but she would get to the bottom of this. At least as a member of the Seven it was her duty to do so. The man for his part, he didnt seem to respond, even as the 'enhanced interrogation' continued. He was made of some sterner stuff, it seemed, and Starlight heard his screams. Yeah, he was not going to be giving in easily, as she bit her lip. She'd seen this shit before. All that would happen was this guy would be reduced to a quivering mess rather than talk. Placing a hand on the man's shoulder, she faced Brit. "Allow us to take this man into custody. I do not know why he attacked you, but as a member of the Seven, I have the resources to be able to get some answers..." She could see that this man seemed resistant to torture. But again, there were always ways around it. People who had mental powers, for example... brute force wasn't going to cut it here. But...she did know the value of making good on threats as she looked at Brit, swallowing. "After all... he only needs one good hand to be able to write with right?" She was not used to using the stick, but sometimes, it was the only language some people understood.
  26. There was interrogation and then there was his family. He lost his son in a divorce but what the women didn't have was that information and well... Vought did. So even as his hand got tingly and his eyes saw sparks despite being closed all he did was cry out in pain as they each tried to do their worst. If he died his son would live a good life and that's all he really ever worked for despite always being the villain in these things. Vought wouldn't just let him die right? He would get severely injured and they would retire him but. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GOD THAT HURTS!!!!!" he screamed as he tried to wriggle away but the weight of the shield was about as heavy as a beam of concrete. @MATT @Britannia
  27. The old supe gave something akin to a snarl, wiping the spit away from her face with the back of a gloved hand. Her tone was still rather nonchalant as she looked to Starlight for a moment, almost as though she was just casually discussing the weather rather than preparing to use some "enhanced interrogation techniques" on their captive. "You may want to look away, miss. I'm afraid that making this man talk could get a little messy. Right. Down to business." She leaned in a little harder, pressing the shield into the man but being very measured in just how much she did so, applying just enough to cause pain but not enough to do any real damage. "You clearly know at least something of who I am, considering how this malarkey of yours seemed to be targeted. With that in mind, how far do you think I'm willing to go to get the information I need?" She then shifted position slightly, moving over a little, her eyes glowing and her hand sparking right over the man's left hand. "You have ten seconds. Talk, or you will never use that hand again. After that I will move on to your other one and perhaps even get a little more creative. How do you think you'll do without your fancy little darkness shaping tricks, hmm? " tag @MATT@Morrigan
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