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  2. Was it the Reds? Jerry remnants?" She pressed a little harder with her shield into the man's neck, not quite enough to cut off his airway but certainly more than enough to serve as a reminder. Her eyes starting to glow once more too as her voice lowered into almost a growl. "Talk. I'm not going to ask so nicely again. Think about what you have to lose." Tag: @MATT @Morrigan
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  4. Feyre nodded. "One would hope. If I were that person that knew, I'd definitely tell her." No one liked to be in the dark about things like that. Though, she was aware that if the woman was even told about her man's infidelity, that there was a chance of her refusing to believe it. But the important thing? She was sure it would keep nagging at her til she went snooping. Women were very smart creatures and Feyre was glad she was one. Because she certainly would not stand for a cheater in her life. Even as friends, even though most believed women and men couldn't be friends. When the other woman offered to buy her coffee to make up for the man's rudeness, she smiled. "I would love that!" @Morrigan
  5. The man looked up to Starlight but didn't answer so much as he smirked and laughed. "Like I'd tell you that Corn Princess," he said to her. "You're not getting anything out of me," he said. @MATT @Britannia
  6. The new Supe and Starlight were working pretty well together for the most part. The man was clearly outmatched by facing on the two of them together, and Starlight was fairly fine with this. It never had to be a fair fight when dealing with supervillains anyways. You always had to press as many advantages as you could. As Brit pinned the man, Starlight flew down, her eyes still shining as a silent warning to him. But she didn’t think that was needed, as he seemed fairly locked down from where she was standing. He wouldn’t be causing difficulties. She looked up at Brit, confused, but now was not the time for questions, she’d ask that much later…when she got her bearings. Turning to the man, she felt her light shining, as she stepped closer to him. It was enough of a show of force, the two of them together she hoped. But asking questions was the smart thing…she thought as she would raise her hand to the man’s face. Not that she was actually going to do it, but it would be more of a motivational factor, so to speak. “Who sent you?” She asked, just as a leading question, although she seriously doubted they were going to be able to get that much out of him.
  7. “Your government?” He cackled. The small docier that he got on her told him that her government abandoned her to this facility. Vought was just trying to cover it up. He spat blood in her face. “Fuck you bitch.” @MATT @Britannia
  8. The surging ball of darkness ripped past Brit's ear, tearing huge chunks out of the concrete fountain she had taken cover behind. Still, she bided her time, using the concealment of the smoke and the distraction presented by Starlight to plan her next move. Hostile was still talking, that was one thing. Starlight had him targeted too, so she had at least two ways of getting a solid bead on the man. She concentrated for a second, feeling the surge energy well up within her limbs. If just firing off a shot nearly sent her on her backside, just what would this do? She vaulted over the broken fountain, the cracked concrete crumbling beneath her sparking hand and broke into a run. Another flash. Convenient. She leapt up with a burst of lightning, a noise like ripping paper filling the air... And she didn't come back down. In fact she flew directly at the man, attempting to pounce on the shadowy figure, trying to pin him with her shield at his neck and force his arms down to his sides! "Well then! I trust you have gotten that out of your system, yes? I have a few questions if you don't mind." Her tone sounded almost jovial and friendly as she looked down at the man, though her voice soon hardened as her eyes started to crackle over with that same golden energy as before and she applied just a little more pressure. "Questions that my government will surely want to know the answers to. Start talking." Tag: @MATT @Morrigan
  9. The newcomer seemed to be holding her own quite well, rather more so than most people would have in that situation. Starlight kept up the pressure herself, trying to maintain the beam on the villain. He was caught between the two of them which was good. Meant he could only concentrate on one at a time… For the time being, she thought that could maintain that, as she paused, surprised at the bolt of energy aimed at the shadow supe. Newcomer had Supe powers too, but was teaming up not against. Time to think first and ask questions later, she felt, probably for the best, and she felt Hughie would approve of that train of thought as well. As she continued maneuvering in mid air, her goal was to keep this villain on their feet, not giving an inch. In a team up, it was good to know your role within the battle, see how it could work to put your heads together. The villain was clever though, as he threw a ball in the direction of Starlight, forcing her to dodge to one side. So staying in one place wouldn’t work here, as she knew that she would have to be on her feet. It was going to be a tough one…but she felt her eyes shine again, as she regrouped, shooting another light beam. “Don’t let up….we got him cornered!” Starlight called out to the other Supe. She would like to believe this, although a lot of field work had taught her otherwise. Mostly that you never, ever counted yourself that lucky until you were already there, victory in hand. She’d seen too many victories get lost this way, even on the Seven. So she’d try another tactic with the light beam, one hand…twoo….. the beams coming at him, directing him, not as an attack, but as she placed her hands together, it would be almost like a flash, hopefully enough to temporarily blind him.
  10. Mordria nodded. "They have a lot of those," she grinned. "As you can see I actually get regular visits from Vought to make sure I haven't manifested anything but spots," she advised her. "To their disappointment I haven't," which was actually a complete lie. She had plant and healing powers that she couldn't show them while she was younger, people just thought she had a green thumb, so she kept it that way. "As for the house plants," she said with a smirk. "If you want to come down to The Wicca Hour I'm sure I can find you a plant or two that you can take care of. I just recommend you figure out if you want flowers or just green plants," she said to her with a smirk. @MATT
  11. Annie was surprised, , blinking a bit, as she put her money away. “Thank you…that’s very generous of you,” she said with a smile. Indeed, this day was looking up to her already. Now if she didn’t have that Vought meeting later…it would all be okay, she thought, as she awaited her drink while standing off to the side. “Really? I’ve been considering getting some plants for my apartment, not the kind that require too much maintenance.” Meanwhile, she did have a cover story for her off-time, as she figured maybe something a bit obvious, but not that most people would think to check. “As for me…just work in an office. One of these Vought offshoots, work and all that.” She knew that Vought kept a lot of their employees name’s off the books, so that would work.
  12. The man pulled the darkness in front of him barely in time to save his life but not enough to not get thrown back and into a wall, leaving a him sized dent in it. The darkness had absorbed some of it but there was still enough that got through that the wind was knocked out of him and his body was buzzing like he had just got tasered. When he had turned to save himself, the inky darkness that Starlight was in had faded and she could actually see her surroundings. The man had just hit the wall and he was already pulling back to his feet as the tink of canisters hit the ground and he was circling himself back in the blackness to shroud his location though it was obvious that the impact of the blast and the wall had dazed him. He was shaking his hands, the blackness barely enveloping him, let alone anything around him as he tried to get another ball ready to fling. He threw one in the direction of Starlight and one toward the smoke clouds off to the side. "I live in darkness lady. A little fog isn't really going to help ya," he said, keeping on the bold and arrogant facade despite the "Oh shit" he was feeling. What in the hell sort of mission had he been sent on? Who was this chick he was supposed to make sure was dead? @MATT @Britannia
  13. Brit raised her shield, bracing as the surge of inky blackness came crashing in. It smashed against the shield with a resounding clang, forcing the old supe back hard against the wall, but, she kept her footing, her boots digging a deep furrow in the earth beneath her even as the force of the blow left a cracked dent in the brickwork behind her. Her response was instant. She began to march forwards with her shield raised defensively in front of her, tracking the unknown hostile both by her enhanced senses, and by Starlight's convenient "tracer" fire pointing her in the right direction despite the darkness. Her eyes began to glow with a crackling electric light, flickering slightly as she raised her hand. She looked somewhat pained for just a brief moment before she let forth a sharp bolt of brilliant golden lightning aimed directly at the shadow supe, its report reverberating off of the structures and concrete like the blast of a cannon. The woman stumbled a little right after though, a wave of nausea rolling over her for just a brief moment before she steadied herself. That shouldn't have happened, right? She'd done this plenty of times before. Why was it hurting so much? She moved to follow up, pulling a couple of old smoke grenades from the belt of her uniform and hoping like hell that they'd still function after all those years in the deep freeze as she tossed them to the ground in front of her to mask her movements as she started to flank around, staying low and behind whatever cover she could and readying herself to close to 'good ol' fisticuffs' range in order to make an attempt at pinning this shadowy assailant! Tag @MATT @Morrigan
  14. As Starlight was sidestepping the door, she saw something come out of the fog. A streetlight flickered above, as she had an idea there… The figure of the woman cut an odd one to say the least, even as she raised a brow. Eyes flickered between the black shape and this woman, and their banter, as the gathered information. It was all she had to go off of, but any bit was going to be valuable here. “Not a dancer…although feel like one some days,” Starlight quipped back, still unsure what to make of her. Honestly, though with the way Homelander and Vought acted, she felt more and more like she was just going through the motions up on a big stage, showing the people only what they wanted or expected to see, nothing else. The villain’s attention was turned now completely to the strange woman…and that might be her chance. Starlight had been able to see the woman once he was distracted… The blackness was moved out her way, and into the other woman. Big mistake. Starlight wouldn’t let him have a chance to collect his thoughts. Instantly, the streetlights above would start to spark, as her eyes glowed,using that extra space to make her attack. Starlight rose in the air, hands glowing as she faced the bad guy. Oh yeah. She was pissed. Raising her hands, the light shone bright as her eyes glowed more. Light blasts fired out from her hands, aimed directly at the shadowy figure, one after another, trying not to give him a chance to get up. She was a member of the Seven for a reason after all, even if Homelander decided that she should be doing the grunt work of patrol…. “News Flash…don’t turn your back on someone like that,” she snapped, shaking her head.
  15. The man was still holding Starlight in an all consuming blackness when the other woman emerged. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. The explosion should have killed her. In fact, the dossier said that she should have been dead by now and that this was just supposed to be a cover up. That threw the man off as he saw the shield through the thick blackness that he created. That made it to where it took a second for him to respond, the blackness flickering so that Starlight could get a glimpse of him as well as the woman that had emerged. "You are the job actually. No one thought you'd wake up," the said when they regained their footing. "I guess they were wrong," he added as he seemingly pulled the blackness out of the air and threw it toward her in an intense blast that would throw her back and against the wall. @MATT @Britannia
  16. Britannia hauled herself to her feet. She could hear the scuffle just past the crater's mouth, she could even see the strange shadows and blasts of light dancing through the swirling cryotube fog. The old timey supe took a moment to take inventory. Her uniform and body armour had survived the freezing just fine, that was one thing at the very least, but her weapon apparently hadn't gotten off anywhere near as lightly, the barrel of the service pistol having warped and cracked into uselessness as it thawed. Her eyes then turned to what was happening above her. It must have been more than just a regular scuffle. She sighed, rubbing her temples for a moment before taking a deep breath and locking her shield to her arm. Truth be told, she had expected someone in a lab coat to come knocking, to tell her that her powers had regenerated her enough to put her back in the fight. She certainly didn't feel like she'd healed any. The two would finally see a figure emerge from the fog. The supe was most likely an odd sight to say the least; a woman looking to be roughly in her twenties clad in an armoured second world war uniform holding a shield emblazoned with the Union Jack in front of her. She paused for a moment, taking stock of the scene, her eyes glancing over the strange dark blob and what she presumed must have been some sort of circus performer getting up from the floor. What. Still, she raised her shield, getting into a defensive posture facing towards the blob of darkness. Surely that would be the bigger threat rather than some random dancer, no? Not to mention it said something about a job. That was... vaguely ominous. "And just what sort of job would that be?" She called out to it, starting to step forwards. "I would very much like to know what sort of employer would put you up to attacking some err... Dancer, I am assuming?" @MATT@Morrigan
  17. Mordria put her hand on Annie's to keep her from getting out her money as she used the tap on her phone to pay for the order. "So you have a better day," she explained as she looked up to the barista and he nodded that they were good. They stepped off to the side with the other woman.. "I am," she nodded to the other woman. "I work in a plant nursery slash flower shop," she said. "I love working with plants, they are so strong and yet can be so delicate," she explained. "Plus they don't ask for a manager if you forget to water them," she laughed as the man that had held up the line finally started toward the door. @MATT
  18. Annie was never one to argue about that…as she was all too eager to finally get her coffee. “You know what, I’ll take a croissant too,” she said, as she got her money out. Really, she felt she was in the mood for one today, maybe it was just a good feeling about today, one that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Granted, sometimes her instincts were off, but she liked to think that her time in the field had honed them. As they stepped to one side, she watched as the workers microwaved the pastries slightly to get hers to desired warmness as they waited for their drinks. It likely would be a few minutes at most, judging from her past experiences. “So…you headed to work after this?” Just a simple innocent enough question, and that was all she meant by it anyways, to kill time while they waited for their coffee.
  19. Starlight checked herself briefly. Nothing hurt too much. Thankfully as a Supe, she had the gift of a bit of durability, so that was good. There was a sinister voice nearby, mocking her no doubt as she groaned, stepping forward. “If you were so damn sure of yourself, you wouldn’t be hiding!” It was true enough, as she tried to activate her light energy. He was quicker however, as he slammed hard into her again. Annie was thrown again, falling some distance to the side, as she would land roughly, scuffing her knees, as she caught herself. This person was playing games with her. Toying with her almost. She felt her eyes glowing briefly, as she stood up again, hoping to try to catch whatever it was off guard. As she shone her light around the battlefield, she saw only darkness, as she frowned. Why wasn’t it showing her the attacker? Comprehension dawned on her, even as she realized she was facing a Supe with a few tricks up their sleeve. Fun. It was always much simpler when these people had just one gimmick wasn’t it? She stepped to the side, trying not to box herself into a corner. She had to be careful here, as she’d look around, eyes scanning the darkness, nervously realizing just how dark it was out there. If she wasn’t careful… Just then, she heard a clanging sound, as something flew through the air, crashing next to her. She shone her light over that way, as it revealed a metal…door? But it looked like it had been crumpled. Okay…not unnerving at all, as she lowered her light levels, realizing that if she wasn’t penetrating the darkness, she should save her abilities for if that thing came in close. “You missed me with that one!” She called out, mistaking the door for having been an attack. @Britannia@Morrigan
  20. "Just because you're blind, doesn't mean I'm hiding," the man's voice echoed to Starlight. "What are you doing here? Aren't you missing a press release?" the voice continued as he slammed into her again throwing her further away from his goal. The voice wouldn't sound familiar but the punch would. "I am trying to do a job," he said though the light wouldn't be much better, almost as if he was creating a darkness that couldn't be penetrated... like a black hole. @MATT @Britannia
  21. It was cold. That was the first thing Britannia was really aware of. Her eyes slowly opened upon dented twisted metal and thick spiderwebbed glass mere inches from her face, all half shrouded by a thick freezing fog with sickly yellow-white lighting filtering down from above through it all. It was loud too, chunks of crumbling concrete clanging against whatever casket she had found herself in, a loud hissing, and the piercing, incessant ringing of a small alarm bell. She winced, her body screaming at her as she managed to reach out an arm and grip onto a brightly labelled "emergency escape" lever. Nothing. Not even a hint of movement, it was as if it was simply an ice cold bar welded to the side of the icy metal tube. She made another attempt, then another, each time more forceful and each time just as fruitless save for a decently loud "CLANG" with each pull. It was getting harder to breathe. It was getting colder and colder too for that matter, she could feel her skin "burning" as the fog just kept rolling in. Even the alarm was starting to sound more distant somehow. Almost as though it was in some strange nightmare. She steadied herself and made one more attempt, this time balling her hand into a fist and striking the front of the capsule as hard as she could. It buckled, the thick metal bowing outwards. She tried again, managing to land another blow, the metal screeching in protest as the rusted and iced shut hinges finally gave way and what was left of the heavy "door" flew free from the crater, spearing itself deep into the ground a good few meters away! Fresh air finally flooded the casket, and she lay back for a moment, shivering and coughing as she tried to catch her breath. Tag Starlight, Morrigan
  22. Starlight was on her usual patrol, but overall it was a quiet night. She was thinking of stopping by that coffee place on her way back, as she knew that she could use it right now. Vought was wanting the Seven to talk a more active role, so at least once a week that meant doing a patrol of a few hours a night. This duty was being rotated around the seven, and so far, it was her turn to draw the short end of the stick. So she’d been forced to cancel her plans, and looked like Hughie would have to wait a few more days at least. Could always be rescheduled, but it was annoying for sure, as she would check heard a loud crash. Flying over real quick, she’d turn the corner to see a large crater on the floor, as she landed. Nobody in sight, but this was odd, she was tempted to call it in, but no. She knew that Homelander would probably insult her and the rest might be disinterested. Might be best to see how this went for now, as she took a few more steps along the street, cautiously using her light to shine out in front of her. Not that Annie could see anything, as she was on her guard regardless. There was a sense of unease. It was a bit too quiet around here, but Annie couldn’t put her finger around it, as she stepped over to the side, light shining and seeing nothing. Whatever it was… There was a noise, spinning, she swiveled to try to see what it was. But whatever it was…she was too late, as she was blasted by something unknown, hit hard and slamming into the other wall opposite. Grunting, she got up, looking around, seeing nothing. Why was this person playing hide and seek here? She could think of a few reasons, and she didn’t think she liked any of these. That said…she was done playing around. “Stop fucking hiding-whoever you are!” She called out in the darkness, hoping that her comms were working. One time in a million… but it always had to be that one time huh? Tag Brittania
  23. Mordria nodded to the woman. "Yeah, I think I can agree with that. Nothing get the skin humming quite like some caffeine," she smiled to her as she finally got to the front of the line. "Chai tea with Almond milk," she said, "and she said she was getting a Vanilla Latte," she said as she turned toward Annie. "That plus two of those breakfast croissants," she pointed to them. "Anything else?" the barista behind the counter asked looking to Mordria and then to Annie. "That's it I think?" she said looking to Annie as well to be sure there wasn't anything else. @MATT
  24. Annie smiled slightly as she nodded. "Nothing quite like coffee made by someone you care about right?" Indeed, freshly made coffee or tea in bed always tasted exactly right to her. Gave her more strength to go about the day, especially when she didnt overmuch feel like it. However, she was studying the board, and had finally decided what she wanted. "Sorry...that guy distracted me so much I had almost forgotten what I got in line for. A Vanilla Latte, is pretty much what I was in the mood for, I figure that will make this morning make much more sense." She sighed, as they stepped forward again, one more step to paying for the drinks. Small talk in a coffee line calmed her down for some reason... "I guess you have to say that day doesn't really start without coffee, right?"
  25. Mordria chuckled as she glanced over to the man as he repeated his order. She wasn't even sure she was willing to pay attention to it anymore. He was out of the line and others were getting served as they complained about the service and the fact that it took forever to get their drink. Eventually it drowned out in her head to the 'wah-wah' sound of the teacher from Charlie Brown cartoons as she paid more attention to her new in-line acquaintance, Annie. "Its pretty good I think. At least for a chain coffee shop," she said. "I prefer the coffee and tea that I make at home but this has convenience that getting up a little later affords me when my boyfriend keeps me in bed for an extra half an hour," she said with a grin. "Its just hard to beat home grown stuff in my opinion," she advised. "What do you plan on getting?" @MATT
  26. "Haven't tried that one... maybe next time..." Annie mused, with a wistful look in her eye. Indeed, she was always up for trying new things, up to a certain point. Depends on just what it was after all. The manager was already out, no doubt there to deal with all of the complaining. "Really? The manager is even giving them the time of day?" That was more to herself than meant to be out loud, but she wouldn't deny that was something she was privately feeling. That they shouldn't have been humored in this way. "I'm thinking I should come here more often," she said with a slight smile. Working for Vought could be tiring, having to be in Starlight mode a lot of the time, but she thought that she was handling it fairly okay, better so than most people for the time being. "Yeah. Just decided to pop in today to see how it was. Was actually recommended this place by a friend." She nodded, as if it should be clear. But time would tell if this place was worth the time or money, considering that it seemed to have people like the loudmouth in the front.
  27. It was a standard day on floor 67 in the Vought R&D Department. There was some shouting and some screams and some elated cheers a lot of humming and many many beakers and vials filled with unknown substances in many colors. What each scientist was working on was normally hush hush but not with Harlee. As one of the few scientists that normally worked alone she tended to have some of the more bizarre discoveries or breakthroughs. Some worked or helped other scientists in their work and some, well many, were just duds. The biggest reason that Vought kept her on the payroll is because it was still more productive and being a supe that calmed people down she had the effect to keep people from getting so mad they wanted to fire her. Today would be yet another day that someone wanted to fire her. There was a loud shatter and then splat sound as goo exploded around the room and all over the scientist that was walking in to see Harlee in that moment as well as Harlee herself. As soon as it started to splooge down the other person's face she cheered! "YES! I am one step closer to sticky bombs!" she said as she started to move but it took her a moment to pull her foot off the ground. The man looked to Harlee before he turned around and walked out. Harlee shrugged as she started to pick up parts of the sticky stuff which was difficult and inspect it, as if her eyes could see something that a microscope couldn't. Not that her microscope wasn't covered in the stuff and would make it impossible. Eventually she decided that it was time for lunch and with a single lick of cleanup she started for upstairs to go out and get a sandwich at the place she liked down the street. She completely forgot she was covered in sticky goo that she would stick to many things, let alone other people.
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