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  1. Elizabeth shrugged as she looked up to him, still grinning. "Lets play twenty questions! You can ask me 20 questions, or as many questions as you like until I get bored, to try and figure it out," she raised her brow suggestively as she set her tongue on one of her canine teeth.
  2. "Who are you?" Homelander asked as he came into the room and started to stalk to the side as he stared at her. He was already agitated as she was sitting in his chair. The unfortunate part for him is she wasn't interested in him like Stormfront had been.
  3. Stormfront was dead and Homelander was out of control. That's why she was here. She had been on the fringes for a long time, told to stay there until she was told otherwise. While she didn't like it, she did as she was told because she knew eventually they would need her, especially with the brat that in charge, and well.... if she were honest she enjoyed watching the higher ups squirm because he was so powerful. So as she sat in his chair in the room for the Seven, she looked around, feet propped up on the table. When he showed up she smiled to him, that crocodile smile that most people found downright unnerving.
  4. "Awesome!I think there is a Vought coffee shop up the way," she indicated with her hand as she smiled. She turned in that direction as she slid her hands into her pockets and looked over to the woman. "I do have to know though, what was so interesting on your phone?" she asked the woman as they started to walk in that direction. Tonka was the sort to be tethered to her phone. It gave her a sense of everything around her but it certainly made her miss home sometimes. Being able to hear and see what people were watching and reading could get assaulting at times. @Dragon
  5. The comment about her government earned a quick bark of laughter before the man groaned. "You two are psycho bitches," he spat at Britannia though he closed his eyes before he saw if it actually landed on her face. "You may as well kill me because who I work for would rather I be dead than talk," he advised them. "And they'd make sure of it before you could get anything out of me," he said. His head lolled to the side as he thought about his son. This was for him, it was always for him even if he didn't know it. "Are you both going to prattle on or get this over with?" he muttered to them both as he looked up to Britannia, seething a little at how long this was taking. @MATT @Britannia
  6. There was interrogation and then there was his family. He lost his son in a divorce but what the women didn't have was that information and well... Vought did. So even as his hand got tingly and his eyes saw sparks despite being closed all he did was cry out in pain as they each tried to do their worst. If he died his son would live a good life and that's all he really ever worked for despite always being the villain in these things. Vought wouldn't just let him die right? He would get severely injured and they would retire him but. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GOD THAT HURTS!!!!!" he screamed as he tried to wriggle away but the weight of the shield was about as heavy as a beam of concrete. @MATT @Britannia
  7. The man spat in Brittania's face. "Eat me," he snarled at her. The fear was rooted in him but the arrogance that Vought wouldn't let him die over this was a greater feeling. He was one of their best super villains. He didn't realize that he was just as expendable as the next person and that this encounter wasn't likely to turn out in his favor at all. @MATT@Britannia
  8. The man looked up to Starlight but didn't answer so much as he smirked and laughed. "Like I'd tell you that Corn Princess," he said to her. "You're not getting anything out of me," he said. @MATT @Britannia
  9. “Your government?” He cackled. The small docier that he got on her told him that her government abandoned her to this facility. Vought was just trying to cover it up. He spat blood in her face. “Fuck you bitch.” @MATT @Britannia
  10. Mordria nodded. "They have a lot of those," she grinned. "As you can see I actually get regular visits from Vought to make sure I haven't manifested anything but spots," she advised her. "To their disappointment I haven't," which was actually a complete lie. She had plant and healing powers that she couldn't show them while she was younger, people just thought she had a green thumb, so she kept it that way. "As for the house plants," she said with a smirk. "If you want to come down to The Wicca Hour I'm sure I can find you a plant or two that you can take care of. I just recommend you figure out if you want flowers or just green plants," she said to her with a smirk. @MATT
  11. The man pulled the darkness in front of him barely in time to save his life but not enough to not get thrown back and into a wall, leaving a him sized dent in it. The darkness had absorbed some of it but there was still enough that got through that the wind was knocked out of him and his body was buzzing like he had just got tasered. When he had turned to save himself, the inky darkness that Starlight was in had faded and she could actually see her surroundings. The man had just hit the wall and he was already pulling back to his feet as the tink of canisters hit the ground and he was circling himself back in the blackness to shroud his location though it was obvious that the impact of the blast and the wall had dazed him. He was shaking his hands, the blackness barely enveloping him, let alone anything around him as he tried to get another ball ready to fling. He threw one in the direction of Starlight and one toward the smoke clouds off to the side. "I live in darkness lady. A little fog isn't really going to help ya," he said, keeping on the bold and arrogant facade despite the "Oh shit" he was feeling. What in the hell sort of mission had he been sent on? Who was this chick he was supposed to make sure was dead? @MATT @Britannia
  12. The man was still holding Starlight in an all consuming blackness when the other woman emerged. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. The explosion should have killed her. In fact, the dossier said that she should have been dead by now and that this was just supposed to be a cover up. That threw the man off as he saw the shield through the thick blackness that he created. That made it to where it took a second for him to respond, the blackness flickering so that Starlight could get a glimpse of him as well as the woman that had emerged. "You are the job actually. No one thought you'd wake up," the said when they regained their footing. "I guess they were wrong," he added as he seemingly pulled the blackness out of the air and threw it toward her in an intense blast that would throw her back and against the wall. @MATT @Britannia
  13. Mordria put her hand on Annie's to keep her from getting out her money as she used the tap on her phone to pay for the order. "So you have a better day," she explained as she looked up to the barista and he nodded that they were good. They stepped off to the side with the other woman.. "I am," she nodded to the other woman. "I work in a plant nursery slash flower shop," she said. "I love working with plants, they are so strong and yet can be so delicate," she explained. "Plus they don't ask for a manager if you forget to water them," she laughed as the man that had held up the line finally started toward the door. @MATT
  14. "Just because you're blind, doesn't mean I'm hiding," the man's voice echoed to Starlight. "What are you doing here? Aren't you missing a press release?" the voice continued as he slammed into her again throwing her further away from his goal. The voice wouldn't sound familiar but the punch would. "I am trying to do a job," he said though the light wouldn't be much better, almost as if he was creating a darkness that couldn't be penetrated... like a black hole. @MATT @Britannia
  15. Mordria nodded to the woman. "Yeah, I think I can agree with that. Nothing get the skin humming quite like some caffeine," she smiled to her as she finally got to the front of the line. "Chai tea with Almond milk," she said, "and she said she was getting a Vanilla Latte," she said as she turned toward Annie. "That plus two of those breakfast croissants," she pointed to them. "Anything else?" the barista behind the counter asked looking to Mordria and then to Annie. "That's it I think?" she said looking to Annie as well to be sure there wasn't anything else. @MATT
  16. Mordria chuckled as she glanced over to the man as he repeated his order. She wasn't even sure she was willing to pay attention to it anymore. He was out of the line and others were getting served as they complained about the service and the fact that it took forever to get their drink. Eventually it drowned out in her head to the 'wah-wah' sound of the teacher from Charlie Brown cartoons as she paid more attention to her new in-line acquaintance, Annie. "Its pretty good I think. At least for a chain coffee shop," she said. "I prefer the coffee and tea that I make at home but this has convenience that getting up a little later affords me when my boyfriend keeps me in bed for an extra half an hour," she said with a grin. "Its just hard to beat home grown stuff in my opinion," she advised. "What do you plan on getting?" @MATT
  17. It was a standard day on floor 67 in the Vought R&D Department. There was some shouting and some screams and some elated cheers a lot of humming and many many beakers and vials filled with unknown substances in many colors. What each scientist was working on was normally hush hush but not with Harlee. As one of the few scientists that normally worked alone she tended to have some of the more bizarre discoveries or breakthroughs. Some worked or helped other scientists in their work and some, well many, were just duds. The biggest reason that Vought kept her on the payroll is because it was still more productive and being a supe that calmed people down she had the effect to keep people from getting so mad they wanted to fire her. Today would be yet another day that someone wanted to fire her. There was a loud shatter and then splat sound as goo exploded around the room and all over the scientist that was walking in to see Harlee in that moment as well as Harlee herself. As soon as it started to splooge down the other person's face she cheered! "YES! I am one step closer to sticky bombs!" she said as she started to move but it took her a moment to pull her foot off the ground. The man looked to Harlee before he turned around and walked out. Harlee shrugged as she started to pick up parts of the sticky stuff which was difficult and inspect it, as if her eyes could see something that a microscope couldn't. Not that her microscope wasn't covered in the stuff and would make it impossible. Eventually she decided that it was time for lunch and with a single lick of cleanup she started for upstairs to go out and get a sandwich at the place she liked down the street. She completely forgot she was covered in sticky goo that she would stick to many things, let alone other people.
  18. Just the BBCode and whatnot to our advertisements: Have you ever wished you could fly? Perhaps shoot lightning from your fingertips? Or even just have the ability have a speaker for a head? (It could happen right?) Well look no further than Vought! Pumping children (and adults) full of non-FDA approved chemicals to give them unknown superpowers or traits for decades! We invite you to either join the Supes or The Boys (or even be a little bit of collateral damage) on Fucking Diabolical! Where the Supes are primarily deplorable assholes with egos the size of the sun and there is only one team that's prepared to stop them... by any means possible. Home | Compendium | Rules | Characters/Lists | Plotters | Discord BBCode [align=center][img]https://f-ingdiabolical.com/uploads/pages_media/0_showoff.jpg[/img][/align] Have you ever wished you could fly? Perhaps shoot lightning from your fingertips? Or even just have the ability have a speaker for a head? (It could happen right?) [align=center][img]https://f-ingdiabolical.com/uploads/pages_media/649502776_0_diabolical-full-trailer-1280x720copy.jpg[/img][/align] Well look no further than Vought! Pumping children (and adults) full of non-FDA approved chemicals to give them unknown superpowers or traits for decades! We invite you to either join the Supes or The Boys (or even be a little bit of collateral damage) on Fucking Diabolical! Where the Supes are primarily deplorable assholes with egos the size of the sun and there is only one team that's prepared to stop them... by any means possible. [align=center][url=https://f-ingdiabolical.com/]Home[/url] | [url=https://f-ingdiabolical.com/compendium/]Compendium[/url] | [url=https://f-ingdiabolical.com/compendium/records/rules-r1/]Rules[/url] | [url=https://f-ingdiabolical.com/characters/]Characters/Lists[/url] | [url=https://f-ingdiabolical.com/plotters/]Plotters[/url] | [url=https://discord.gg/q6k6beQe8U]Discord[/url][/align]
  19. Black Noir is an elusive character that is a bad ass fighter that is nearly invulnerable and fights like a bad ass. The only problem is he doesn't talk and he has a major nut allergy. This is a canon.
  20. The female is one of the original Boys and she is one of the only originals with super powers. She can come back to life, she is super strong, agile and in general kicks ass. The biggest problem is her only way to communicate is through a custom form of sign language that so far only Frenchie has begun to learn. With the Boys able to dose she isn't going to be the only one that has super powers to fight supes with. This is a canon.
  21. Hughie Campbell is one of the newer editions to the Boys before they went and got involved with the CIA and expanded their operations. Hughie is more or less that fresh blood in the group but he has pretty decent ideas and intuition. He has saved the others from their own hubris a few times over. Hughie is the one that got Starlight to be a double agent and was at least for a time romantically involved. Whether that relationship will come back around is still to be seen. This is a Canon
  22. Beside, Frenchie and the Female MM is one of the original Boys members. He's more of a family man than the rest with a wife and a daughter. He still has a vendetta and is willing to help despite the strain it puts on his wife and kid. MM is a Canon.
  23. Frenchie, one of the original Boys is the explosives and tech expert of the group. He always has an out, even when everything seems safe. He is the one closest with The Female. Frenchie is a Canon.
  24. Mordria nodded as she grinned glancing to the board as if she didn't know already. "I normally get the same thing. I like the Chai tea with almond milk," she said with a wave of her hand as if to dismiss it. "To be honest, I'm here nearly every day when I work," she advised the other woman. "Its convenient, its on the way. Pretty pathetic I know but we are all creatures of habit aren't we?" she asked the other woman as the line progressed one more person forward, she was next. "I don't think I've seen you here before. Are you a new regular?" @MATT
  25. "They talk," she nodded. "At the end of the day they don't grow anything but a seed of disgust," she shook her head as she glanced to them growling at the manager. "And you just made me realize what was missing today. Thank you Annie," she smiled to her. "I don't think I would have realized it without you." @MATT
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