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  1. Feyre nodded. "One would hope. If I were that person that knew, I'd definitely tell her." No one liked to be in the dark about things like that. Though, she was aware that if the woman was even told about her man's infidelity, that there was a chance of her refusing to believe it. But the important thing? She was sure it would keep nagging at her til she went snooping. Women were very smart creatures and Feyre was glad she was one. Because she certainly would not stand for a cheater in her life. Even as friends, even though most believed women and men couldn't be friends. When the other woman offered to buy her coffee to make up for the man's rudeness, she smiled. "I would love that!" @Morrigan
  2. Feyre could only glare at the man as he replied as he did. Fucking New Yorkers, they were all the same she should have realized that. Which is probably why she wasn’t as shocked as she might have been with an out of towner. “I don’t know what shocked me more, me nearly running into him or… his reply,” She wasn’t going to let it bother her, however as she turned her attention to the other woman. “To be fair, I’d been engrossed in my phone, too.” She laughed at the assessment of the man’s phone and what was on it. “She probably already knows and if she doesn’t I bet she suspects.” A woman always knows.
  3. New York was always busy. There wasn't a slow day, or even a slow night so it was of no surprise when the street was crowded as she moved to avoid someone that was walking past her. She'd been too busy looking at her phone at an email to notice that she was about to slam into someone else. "Watch it!" She called, as if it was actually the other person's fault and not her own. The email forgotten, she shoved her phone into her pocket before turning her attention to the person that she'd almost hit. "Look, I'm sorry I was just distracted..." As if that would help the situation.
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