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Found 3 results

  1. Mordria had a fondness for plants and she tended her own garden as well as many other plants but she never gave a second look at this weed. She passed by it many times on her way to get coffee. The weed was stubborn, like so many things in the world. No matter how many times someone stepped on it as they walked by it continued to grow and flourish. There just was no stopping it. That was until a child plucked the flower from it as it walked by and then stomped the yellow into the ground. It was an imperceptible thing, something no one would normally notice. Even as Mordria walked past it on her way to get her morning coffee, she didn't precisely notice it so much as that the morning was not quite the same as it normally was. It was off but she couldn't exactly put her finger on it. She stood in line at the coffee shop and tried to pinpoint it making her distracted even as the line moved forward.
  2. It was a standard day on floor 67 in the Vought R&D Department. There was some shouting and some screams and some elated cheers a lot of humming and many many beakers and vials filled with unknown substances in many colors. What each scientist was working on was normally hush hush but not with Harlee. As one of the few scientists that normally worked alone she tended to have some of the more bizarre discoveries or breakthroughs. Some worked or helped other scientists in their work and some, well many, were just duds. The biggest reason that Vought kept her on the payroll is because it was still more productive and being a supe that calmed people down she had the effect to keep people from getting so mad they wanted to fire her. Today would be yet another day that someone wanted to fire her. There was a loud shatter and then splat sound as goo exploded around the room and all over the scientist that was walking in to see Harlee in that moment as well as Harlee herself. As soon as it started to splooge down the other person's face she cheered! "YES! I am one step closer to sticky bombs!" she said as she started to move but it took her a moment to pull her foot off the ground. The man looked to Harlee before he turned around and walked out. Harlee shrugged as she started to pick up parts of the sticky stuff which was difficult and inspect it, as if her eyes could see something that a microscope couldn't. Not that her microscope wasn't covered in the stuff and would make it impossible. Eventually she decided that it was time for lunch and with a single lick of cleanup she started for upstairs to go out and get a sandwich at the place she liked down the street. She completely forgot she was covered in sticky goo that she would stick to many things, let alone other people.
  3. Alice had been diving for hours, she swam in the ocean, with sharks before she eventually got out of the water and went inland. She would go to the docks and dry off with the rest of those that went out with her. She would grab her stuff and start heading inland toward a bar that her and her mates went to regularly. Only in a pair of jeans, her bikini top and her leather jacket she would walk in and be greeted by a few people before she went to the bar and ordered her standard whiskey as she sat at the bar. Despite her best efforts she smelled of sunscreen, ocean salt and leather. She looked around the room for a good target unsure of what she was going to get.
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