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    All super heroes are created through compound V. As an infant parents would be given an opportunity to inject their child with the compound V concoction. They are compensated for this to keep the child and raise them. In addition they sign a confidentiality agreement about how their child got their super powers.

    The child will manifest their powers nearly immediately, however they will be low level powers. Powers are not unique and manifest in different ways for each child that is injected with them.

    Powers are normally beneficial but can be completely useless and only change the appearance of the child injected. Some of these appearances are worse than others. You can find out some of these results here.

    Power levels are how we will describe each supe here. Each power level comes with a total amount of powers of your choice.

    Can an adult become a supe like in the show?

    While its possible, it is extremely difficult and 99% deadly. We do allow them, however they will not be more than a "Normal Supe". Compound V, without the permanent transition into being a supe, is potent enough to make normal people super for a week or so with basic powers like strength, agility and low level invulnerability. Please read our document on Compound V for more information.

    How much can you lift bro?

    For clarification super strength is a common power and will vary from supe to supe. If you would like to quantify how strong your supe is then utilize a real life object that they can lift or bench press. AKA your character can fully lift and hold a car above their head (that is 2 tons of weight but you don't have to describe the weight just that they can bench press a car).

    On average supes with more basic supe strength can lift about half a ton meaning they can pick up the front of a car and lift it off the ground but they can't get it fully off the ground as they need the grounds leverage to do this. This is what most super heroes will have.

    If you have questions feel free to ask the staff but using a real life object as a max weight will give you, the staff, and the other users a good gauge of your characters full strength.

    The Levels

    The Deep Boner | The Boys | Know Your Meme

    Appearance Supe

    These supes are pretty much useless. They are likely primarily a change in appearance or their super power does nothing particularly useful. Examples of this are supes like "The Deep" whose powers are talking to sea creatures and being able to breathe underwater.

    Hailey Joel Osment plays a character called Mesmer in The Boys (2019), who  is a washed up ex-movie star trying to regain his old fame and success.  This character is based off

    Basic Supe

    This superhero has a basic super power that is at least moderately useful. It would be only one power and is often only useful in some cases. An example of this type of character is "Mezmer".

    The Boys' A-Train Anthem Gives 'Toss a Coin to Your Witcher' a Run for Its  Money

    Normal Supe

    This superhero normally has a useful superpower as well as a basic super power (often super strength) or an extremely useful single power. And example is "A-Train" or "Translucent".

    Who Is Stormfront Really in 'The Boys' Season 2?

    Extra Supe

    These supes normally have an extraordinary power with a few other basic powers that make them extremely useful and powerful. An example is "Stormfront" or "The Female".

    To play an Extra Supe, you need to notify the staff so the powers can be reviewed.

    Exclusive Interview: The Boys Showrunner Eric Kripke Declares Homelander  Would Beat Superman In A Fight - The Illuminerdi

    Extreme Supe

    These super heroes were born in extreme labs and are normally mentally completely full of themselves and how powerful they are.

    This is reserved to Homelander and staff characters.


    If you would like a comprehensive list of super powers you can check out this site.

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