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  1. "This is when you wish you were a supe with a super power of shutting up Kevin's and Karen's," she said as she rolled her eyes. "That would likely be the most powerful super power in the world," she smirked. "I'm Mordria by the way. Its good to see that you're not buried in your phone like most people." @MATT
  2. Mordria figured it was for free coffee. It was cheaper and faster to complain to management for some people. "Not him," she said with a contemplating frown. "People like him," she said to the other woman. She hadn't been taken aback by her spots so that either meant she figured she was a supe or that she had dealings with them. There was also the unlikely possibility that the woman was also a supe, though as she looked at her thin figure that wasn't completely off the table. "The way you really know," she said to the woman, "is if they hyper stare at the barista as they make the coffee. They are looking to find out what error they made so they can complain. "Really I just wish they'd get back down to earth," she advised the other woman. @MATT
  3. Mordria seemed to shake herself from her reverie as the woman talked to her. She didn't hear the first part but smirked as she listened to the rest. Unlike Starlight her deformity was apparent on her skin though she didn't seem to notice or care. "I think its all a plot to see if people are listening," she said to the other woman. "Its almost like a tactic. If it ends up being bad then they missed an important ingredient... it can't just be that they have bad taste," she said back. @MATT
  4. "Who the fuck cares," the man said without really looking at the woman. "You should watch where you're going you bitch," they said before they continued passing them. He shook his head before continuing his conversation on the phone complaining about the dumb bitch who wasn't watching where they were going. "My mom calls those people assholes," Tonka said as she looked to the woman in front of her that had attempted to rectify a situation by putting away her phone. "I've got to say, she's right. I saw what was on his phone.... sheesh his wife should know he's sleeping around on her." @Vixen
  5. I will separate these out to individual threads at a later point, at this time all of my characters are plottable with. Click my username and go to my Characters tab.
  6. Alice had been diving for hours, she swam in the ocean, with sharks before she eventually got out of the water and went inland. She would go to the docks and dry off with the rest of those that went out with her. She would grab her stuff and start heading inland toward a bar that her and her mates went to regularly. Only in a pair of jeans, her bikini top and her leather jacket she would walk in and be greeted by a few people before she went to the bar and ordered her standard whiskey as she sat at the bar. Despite her best efforts she smelled of sunscreen, ocean salt and leather. She looked around the room for a good target unsure of what she was going to get.
  7. Mordria had a fondness for plants and she tended her own garden as well as many other plants but she never gave a second look at this weed. She passed by it many times on her way to get coffee. The weed was stubborn, like so many things in the world. No matter how many times someone stepped on it as they walked by it continued to grow and flourish. There just was no stopping it. That was until a child plucked the flower from it as it walked by and then stomped the yellow into the ground. It was an imperceptible thing, something no one would normally notice. Even as Mordria walked past it on her way to get her morning coffee, she didn't precisely notice it so much as that the morning was not quite the same as it normally was. It was off but she couldn't exactly put her finger on it. She stood in line at the coffee shop and tried to pinpoint it making her distracted even as the line moved forward.
  8. The Tech Guy is a college friend that Tonka met while going to MIT. Both are still in school studying and really good friends and tend to prefer to be lab partners. I would prefer that he be a Normie or normal person and development wise I have a few potential directions to go. As it stands they are good friends which can grow into a more romantic relationship or stay pretty exclusively in the friend zone. I'm thinking this may be one of Tonka's first school friends that finds out she is a supe, how that pans out really depends. Feel free to poke me in #plotting in the discord or PM me here on site.
  9. Our site uses profiles apps for our characters. You can learn how to create a character here. Fill out the profile with as little or as much as you want, the characters do not need direct staff intervention to begin playing. The staff will review your character and if there are any issues with it they will reach out, otherwise enjoy your RP.
  10. We are going to start our beta/soft open today. All this means is that details of the site may change or alter as we figure out some pitfalls of the current details but its open to play on. We will continue to add things as we need them. Works in Progress: Social Media feed - This will be something to allow for your character to post and others to see it. It is a plot device and should give characters something to talk about. Wanted Ads - This is almost done but needs to be spiffed up a little. Open Cases - We are going to create a "quest" system. This system will give you and others the ability to seek out a plot and work through it to come to a conclusion. This will include drug busts, supe busts and secret admin plots. Think of it more or less like an inspiration board. Otherwise, I look forward to playing with you in all things The Boys.
  11. We here on FD try to empower our users to create what they feel is necessary for their personal progress, development and characters as far as plotting goes. This is why we don't have an individual plotting forum on the site. Instead we encourage you to create your own self maintained plotting board and gallery where you can post and grow your characters. This is fortunately extremely easy to do: Go to the link "Plotters" in the navigation. Click on the button "Create a Plotter" in the top right. A popup will come up, fill out whatever you think is necessary. The name should be your username The description can be whatever you like The icon is up to you. Once you have done this click save. This will generate plotter. Then you need to: Click on "Mange Plotter": Here you want to click on "Topics" once and fill out the information and do the same for "Images". This will create a Forum and a Gallery that you can post whatever you want in it. .You have full control over what content is visible to everyone and what is visible to just you (through hidden content). So show off your art, create custom plot pages, develop plot ideas. The skies the limit! Enjoy!
  12. These Canons are currently restricted to admin approval for plot reasons. If you are interested then please reach out in the Contact Us forum to start a conversation or on our discord. Homelander Billy Butcher Stormfront Stan Edgar Victoria Neuman
  13. FD takes place in an alternate universe where for the past 50 years a corporation called Vought International, which has locations and subsidiaries all over the world, has been dosing infants with a substance known as Compound V. By doing this they have been creating super abled people with extraordinary (and some not so extraordinary) powers. Vought has made their money on utilizing these supes as a way to make money with their poster boy being the most super abled creation of them all, Homelander. Recently, Vought has released Compound V as a means to make the normal person super. This coincided with a street version of the compound that is less potent but more accessible called Compound X. With both drugs readily available to the masses there has been an uptick in super crimes that aren't being catered to by the super heroes themselves which is where The Boys come in. A covert, world wide agency that works autonomously from the government as a means of defense against supes and hold them accountable for their crimes... though they sometimes perform crimes of their own. Which side of the brewing conflict will you take? Will you be a part of the problem or help the Boys in combatting supe injustice. We believe in you and believe you can stop the supe collateral.
  14. The Church of the Collective is a Scientology cult under the guise of fixing a supes image to get them back in the good graces of Vought and get them back to being licensed. They often offer Fresca to people.
  15. Supes have plenty of potential as there are billions of NPCs in the world here are a few to get you scared and running away. Here are a few things that will help (or hinder) your fabulous supe: Dealing with PR, having to move to their whims and change your outfits to fit. Social media/PR crisis (saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing in front of the wrong people) Casualty that doesn't sign to get their medical bills paid or paid off. The Fans, dealing with them, screwing them etc. Being shuffled off/not good enough Please feel free to suggest other possibilities and we'll get them added.
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